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Typing Games for Kids Reviews

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Typing Games for Kids Review

Why Typing Games for Kids?

Let’s face it, knowing how to type is vital to getting by in the professional world. It’s not just about knowing how to type properly; it’s about doing it quickly and accurately, as well. While these skills come into play for older teens and adults more than they do for children, it’s still important to get kids accustomed to the keyboard at a young age.

These typing games for kids can teach you how to type while making it fun with games, goal-oriented plots and quirky characters. You can move through the exercises at your own pace. Some of the products also allow you to focus on the keys you need more practice with so you can spend your time where you need it.

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Typing Games for Kids: What to Look For

Not all typing games for kids software offers the same good-quality lessons and computer graphics, nor do they all offer the same usability and tech support. Before you make a decision about which keyboarding games software to purchase, look at what the software and manufacturer offer. As we used and evaluated the software featured in these reviews, we found some vital criteria to consider when making your decision.

Feature Set
Manufacturers should have your child’s age group in mind when they design these fun typing programs for kids. A six-year-old will have a hard time comprehending software made for a nine- or ten-year-old. A feature that’s nice for young children is audio dictation because it can speak the instructions aloud instead of depending on you to read and understand what you need to do. The software should also offer multi-user save options so that multiple children can practice typing with the same application. Fun narrator characters and purposeful plots make it easier for kids to stay engaged in the keyboarding games, and they make the games more fun to play.

Games, Lessons and Tests
Games can be vital to keep a child’s attention and help motivate them when teaching them to type. Software with multiple games and new typing material is ideal. Typing games should have multiple levels, or a way to increase the difficulty as your skills improve. They should also support lessons and tests that go along with the software.

Ease of Use
These applications must be especially easy to use because they are for kids. Awkward navigation will frustrate kids much faster than it would adults. The software should save progress and results automatically so kids don’t have to remember to save their work themselves.

Help & Support
If you run into problems with installing the software or using it, there should be a solid help and support system in place. Email, phone support, FAQs pages, addresses and user manuals are important tech support offerings. Another aspect of help and support that is paramount is quick turnaround time.

When all these features are part of your typing game for kids, you know it will be an effective teaching tool. With a good keyboarding game, you’ll be typing faster and more accurately in a short time. You’ll also have software that’s not hard to run and has good tech support should you need it.